Why is it Important to Read Customer Reviews Before Buying Online?

By Nicole Milano posted 11-03-2020 15:50


In the world of online shopping, consumers want reassurance before committing to a product. Reviews provide them with an important source of information. They give them the opportunity to read what past customers feel about a brand or product. 

Many shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and according to Pew Research Center, 82% of Americans say they read reviews before making a purchase. 

Make smarter choices 

Reviews are generated by the user and published on the website of the retailer. User reviews are very important for the decision making of customers. Decisions, even small ones, can be difficult when there are so many options. 

As there are so many different products on the market, reading reviews can give shoppers an overview of potential products that most closely match their requirements. 

What readers have to say about solving a certain problem, like how to save money, can influence other shoppers. For example, when shoppers read about how many other consumers have saved money by using the Checkout Saver’s cashback extension, they are more likely to want to try it out for themselves. 

Figure out which businesses to trust

When customers read how other customers have improved their lives by using a certain product, they can imagine more easily how it can do the same for them. Customers do not trust all reviews. They need to believe reviews are authentic if they are to be influenced by them. 

Reputable reviews make it easier for customers to figure out which businesses to avoid which can save them time and money. Legitimate, reliable businesses often have an abundance of high-quality, recent reviews that are most likely to create trust. 

Trustworthy reviews can offer valuable guidance from those who have successfully used a product and give customers more insight when making a decision. 

Find out if products are worth the price

Customers will often refer to the price of a product in a review and whether it was worth the money. This can particularly apply in the case of high ticket items, such as home appliances or electronics. 

Customers will also talk about special offers or discounts they received when shopping online that helped them to save money. Shoppers using Checkout Saver, for instance, are able to shop at many online stores and get an alert to buy discount gift cards they can use to save money at checkout.

Consumers trust them more than advertisements

Consumers rely on reviews more than advertisements when making their decisions. An advertisement merely gives a consumer an option, whereas a review carries the weight of personal experience. 

Customers are free to say what they really thought about a product and what they believe others should know about before making a decision. Businesses that make customers happy will benefit from them spreading the word on their behalf. 

Ongoing reputation management is important for businesses to continue getting reviews that customers trust and to assure them that the experience they read about is still valid. 

What about negative reviews?

Customers read both positive and negative reviews. They will try out a new restaurant that everyone is raving about and avoid it if people say the service wasn’t great or the food was disappointing. A negative review may even be totally irrational but businesses cannot afford to ignore any negative reviews. 94% of shoppers have been convinced to avoid a business by a negative review. 

Even negative reviews are helpful to businesses because they can tell them more about what they need to change. Businesses should listen to the feedback given by customers if they want to improve.