Money Smart Adulting 101



Quick Facts

Target: College Students

Management level: Moderate

Timeline: 3-4 weeks to prepare

Adulting 101, designed for young adults, is a game-style activity that exposes college-age participants to financial best practices and resources available to them as they navigate their new adult responsibilities.

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Money Smart Week Adulting 101 is a flexible activity requiring minimal resources that can be easily replicated and specifically tailored to each college campus to target 18-24 year olds during Money Smart Week.

“During the excitement and commotion of the lunch period in our University Center, the Adulting 101 tabling event became an interactive and informational financial event for our student participants. From a distance, students would first notice the bright-colored tabletop spinning wheel, and would then visit to play the financial trivia game. Because of the excitement surrounding the event, we plan to bring it back during next year's Money Smart Week.”

Katie Patterson
Financial Literacy Coordinator
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

“Adulting 101 is a great tool for Money Smart Week, in particular here on college campus. Students are often invested in the battle of time, and this quick transaction of a tabling experience allowed them to gather a tidbit about mindful money managing that they may have not known before, in a quick interactive manner.”

Sarell Martin
PR & Outreach Coordinator
Andersen Library
Whitewater, WI