Money Smart Bike Bash

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Quick Facts

Target: Individuals, All Ages

Management level: Moderate

Timeline: 2 months

The Money Smart Bike Bash is designed to get adults and kids on a financial fact-finding roll and promote awareness of Money Smart Week.

Each Bike Bash event is free and should be hosted immediately preceding or during Money Smart Week in April.

Note: This event can also be offered as a fun run (‘Run for the Money’) or similar active community-based activity

Want to host a Bike Bash event?

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Money Smart Bike Bash requires minimal resources and time commitment for the partner yet offers a highly visible, non-traditional way to promote Money Smart Week to children and adults in the community. Here are a few additional perks:

  • Money Smart Week® provides all financial education materials to distribute at the event free of charge.
  • The event can be customized for each community and attracts a wide range of age groups.