Money Smart Blue Jean Swap

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Quick Facts

Target: All ages

Management level: Moderate

Timeline: 2 months

The Money Smart Blue Jean Swap is designed to show families how to save money and conserve resources through re-use. This is a great way for families to stretch their clothing budget. The program demonstrates that when individuals pool their resources, all benefit.

The swap is best scheduled on a weekend or early evening during Money Smart Week when all members of the family can participate.  

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The Money Smart Week Blue Jean Swap event is a valuable opportunity to teach everyone about the value of reusing and recycling. It is a low-cost event to organize. In addition, sponsors receive free financial education materials, promotional and marketing materials, tool kits and access to online tools including a community management platform from the Money Smart team.

"The Money Smart Blue Jeans Swap was an easy program to execute, and it filled a real need in our community, with many participants expressing the wish that it could be an annual event. Because of its enthusiastic reception, we not only brought it back for a second year, but also reprised the concept in an equally successful art and craft supply swap. Depending on community needs, the basic framework could be used for all sorts of goods: school uniforms, sports equipment, and board games are just a few ideas.

In the future, we also plan to involve a local thrift store, both to “seed” in-demand sizes and also to help us manage our leftovers.”

Ann Scheppke
Salem Public Library
Salem, OR