Money Smart Cache!



Quick Facts

Target: High School Students

Management level: Low

Registration closes: March 13, 2020

Open for play: March 30 - May 5, 2020

Cash prizes: $250

This exciting and engaging game features personal finance info every high school student should know. Using a computer, smart phone or tablet, players navigate a digital maze (think: Mario Brothers) and learn important financial lessons while competing for prizes.

Students can win a $250 national prize and the teacher who gets the most students to participate will win a $250 cash prize as well. Winners will be announced the week of May 4th, 2020.

The Money Smart Cache! Online game is open for play from March 30 to May 5, 2020. Registration ends Friday, March 13, 2020.

Want to host a Money Smart Cache event? click the 'Host a Cache Event' button to go directly to the sign-up form. 

Follow the links to register or login for step by step instructions on how to run the program.


Money Smart Cache! requires minimal resources and preparation yet offers a fun and simple alternative for teachers to provide a financial education lesson as well as an assessment. Here are a few additional perks:

  • Participation can help classrooms meet National Standards for Financial Literacy.
  • High school students typically do not attend traditional Money Smart Week events, but have been engaged with this interactive digital activity.
  • Student participation is rewarded with a $250 national prize.
  • The teacher with the most students participating will win $250.