Money Smart Kid Market

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Quick Facts

Target:Middle School Students

Management level: Moderate

Timeline: 2 months

Put Money Smart lessons into practice with a simulated market experience for middle school students. Leading up to the Kid Market Day, students undergo coaching sessions covering small business topics such as inventory & production, budgeting, supply and demand, pricing & customer service. Each participant is expected to document costs and be comfortable making change for purchases. Participants will be counting down the days until the final activity: The Kid Market. An actual market where kids sell their crafts to an invited audience and trade their goods amongst one another.

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Over six weeks, 23 junior entrepreneurs proceeded through business e-school, with lessons on topics like production and inventory, pricing and profit, marketing and promotions. The Kid Market Program has potential for very high attendance. It can feature a variety of products including slime, fidgets, paintings, or whatever creative good or service each individual market participant comes up with. The program develops entrepreneurial skills in younger students while introducing skills like: budgeting, money handling, project management, customer service & communication.

  • Provides a leadership opportunity for older youth entrepreneurs; Consider including a local High School Business Club.
  • High-profile, feel-good event provides positive reinforcement for participants
  • Market day comes with a guaranteed audience of participant family and friends

Kid Market allowed my daughter Layla to share her passion (customizable slime) with the community all while learning the fundamentals of being a business owner in a way that was really approachable to kids. 

Through weekly emails Layla was guided through the process of developing a business idea step by step, answering questions about her idea and receiving feedback along the way. We learned about supply and demand, how to make a profit, how to market our idea and much more!

We highly recommend Kid Market to anyone with a child for an opportunity to learn and have fun. With the Kid Market process, Layla saw success with her business and was so proud of what she accomplished. After this experience my daughter now has a desire to help struggling businesses become more successful.

Kelly Miller
Parent of Shop Owner Layla
Lincolnshire, IL