Piggy Bank Challenge



Quick Facts

Target: Kids and families

Management level: Moderate

Timeline: 2 months

The Money Smart Piggy Bank Challenge is a fun, creative way to educate elementary school students about smart money choices. Kids are encouraged to make saving money a rewarding and personal experience by designing their own piggy bank. Money-smart lessons, tailored to the age group, accompany the program materials.

Optional: Add a piggy bank display and/or contest.

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Money Smart Piggy Bank Challenge is designed to educate youth about saving and encourage them to save using their custom decorated piggy bank. Here are a few additional perks:

  • Money Smart Week® provides a free lesson plan to help the guest speaker facilitate the event. 
  • Hosts can partner with another organization to double the event’s exposure. Partner with the YMCA to help kids create banks for a “Go Green – Get Green” contest using recycled materials. Or coordinate with an “Earth Day” contest for students at a school or an after school program.
  • Children learn a valuable lesson in saving while channeling their creativity into an object they will be able to take home and use.