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A Complete Guide to Essay Writing

Essays as a writing task are most common in academics where students are asked to write essays of various types and on various subjects. With higher grades, the essays tend to get lengthier and complex in their writing as well as their content. Paper writing service is not only used as a means to improve the analytical and critical thinking skills of the students but also is used to test the students’ understanding of the course material in various disciplines and subjects ranging from the subjects of arts to that of sciences. 

In order to write an essay, a student needs to understand the task, develop ideas, collect information, form intelligible connections and arguments, and deliver them through formal writing.

Understanding the essay task

The essay begins by scrutinizing the essay prompt and noting down the task words and the subject matter mentioned in the prompt. The subject parameters help us narrow down the subject matter, and the task words indicate the type of writing that the essay writer is tasked to produce, such as:

  • Descriptive writing
  • Analytical writing
  • Evaluative writing 
  • Critical writing 

Brainstorming into the subject matter

The brainstorming should be done before the research phase so that the writer comes with original ideas. The brainstorming allows you to think and put down on paper the various ideas, points, and/or arguments regarding the topic. The most used method is that of Mind Mapping and Listing: both these methods place the subject at the center and with the use of webbing, either vertical or free-flowing, helps put down the ideas and the various connections.

Researching through scholarly databases

Once the brainstorming takes shape you can move onto the researching phase. The research should be done through the online databases that provide you with relevant scholarly papers and articles related to your query. You can narrow down the search through various parameters and further narrow down the results by sifting the write my paper by reading the introduction and the abstracts of the papers. 

Upon reading the articles and papers, you should make notes and summaries that will help you in your writing phase.

Coming up with an essay outline

Using the information in the brainstorming and the researching phase you should write down an outline for the essay. This outline will be the base of your essay draft.

Completing the essay draft

The essay draft should be written by filling in the information in the essay outline. You should make use of your notes and the summaries that you have compiled during the researching phase. The draft shouldn’t be completed and corrected in one go, but instead should be brought into a final shape through various iterations.

Review, Edit, and Proofread

The review phase comes first after the essay draft is complete. The review takes care of the macro and optimizes the essay in its structure, its paragraph unity, the flow of logic and information, the arrangement of points, etc,

After the review is done, you move into the micro world correcting the essay on the sentence level. Here you make sure that the essay uses active voice, specialized vocabulary, correct verb tense, formal and objective tone, sentence variety, and more.

Lastly, you will proofread the college essay examples for any errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar of the essay writing. 

Formatting and referencing

Make sure that the essay is formatted according to the requirements such as the font size, type, and line spacing. You should also keep in mind the formatting style that you are instructed to follow in your referencing; types such as Harvard, APA, MLA, etc. Make sure that the references are provided at that end as well as the bibliography. The intext citations should also be checked to see if they refer to the right reference. 

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