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Dog Breeds Suited For First-time Dog-parents

There are millions of dog owners in America and the number of households with pet dogs is ever increasing. Many people looking to bring a pet dog into their household often find themselves in an option paralysis over which dog breed to choose. The dog breeds are many and each one packs different characteristics and traits that allow for a different experience with the pet dog. There are dogs that are suited for indoor living, outdoor adventures, family life, etc. Some dogs, through an ESA letter, are even kept to be support animals that help people cope with their emotional and mental difficulties. 

However, despite the breed you choose or the purpose of getting a dog, it is more important that you choose one that won’t cause you much trouble as a first time pet-parent. A first-time pet-parents, no matter the homework they do, will always find themselves befuddled at the various responsibilities they have to take on and the time they have to take out. 

A good pet choice will help them minimize their trouble and make their experience more rewarding as well as enjoyable. Here are some of the dog breeds that are fit to be pet animals for first-time dog-parents.

Border Collie

This pooch hails from Great Britain and loves to spend time playing with its pet-parent and other household companions. The Border Collie was bred to be shepherd dogs— which they are still great at— therefore, they love the outdoors and love to have people around for company. What makes this breed more compatible with new pet-parents is its loving demeanor as well as its high intelligence which makes it easily trainable. It loves learning new tricks and can be trained to be obedient and obey commands. 

You should have the Border Collie as your pet if you have a lot of time on your hands and love the outdoors. It suits the Border Collie best if the owner lives in the countryside.


Labs are around animals, good indoor as well as outdoor companions. They love to swim and have great stamina, which suited their retriever-dog responsibilities. They are highly trainable and despite your lack of training abilities the lab will adjust to your training and will meet you halfway. However, they need daily exercise for their health, which can be incorporated into family activities with various household companions. 


The poodle is known for its high intelligence and ease of trainability. These fluffy dogs are highly energetic and were bred for hunting and water retrieving. You can clip the poodle’s coat according to your liking and choose from the various sizes of the breed; the only breed that has three sizes: standard, miniature, and toy. If you have a pet dog and want to register it as an ESA then you should know everything about the emotional support dog letter.

This breed is best for people who suffer from dander related dog allergies as their coat is made up of hair instead of fur, and they shed very little. This almost hypoallergenic quality can be complemented by regular brushing.

Moreover, Poodles are great family dogs that are careful around young members of the family. 


The majestic and humble Collie like all the breeds on the list is highly intelligent and can be trained quite easily. They are gentle pet companions that are equally loving with all the household members. It was bred to be an allrounder dog, to fulfill the duties as a herder, watchdog, helper, and family dog.

The Collie dog breed is the scout of the dog breeds, it’s intelligence is quite apart from the other breeds as it shows great problem-solving skills. They have very few health issues and with good health, they can be healthy both mentally and physically. 

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